Shopping Guide

Below you will find a step by step shopping guide that will introduce you to our shopping cart system.

1 - Homepage 3 - The product 5 - Shipping details 7 - Order confirmation
2 - The categories 4 - The shopping bag 6 - Payment details 8 - Don't forget!

★ FIST STEP! - Homepage

On the front page you will find a menu bar containing most of our informative pages such as our FAQ, Shipping info, Feedback and contact. These are important information so take a few minutes to read them!

On this page you will also find our latest news as well as our new arrivals.

On the sidebar you can check the categories of items available for commission. Products are listed in Brazilian Real (BRL/R$) but you can check the price in your currency by using the currency converter.
Our partners are on the side bar as well, check them out!

★ STEP TWO! - The categories

Once you've taken a look on our informative pages go check the categories available for commission!
Right now commissions for dresses or blouses are not being accepted!

There are already a few items listed in each category but if none of them is what you're looking for, send an email to and ask about a new model.

If an item shows as "Unavailable" that means it was removed from the list and soon a new model will replace it.

The prices shown on the first page are the standard prices of the items. The price will vary according to the options selected.

★ STEP THREE! - The product

Now that you found an item that caught your attention take a look on its individual page to know more about it and its variations. 

In this page you will find the shopping button with the variations and how much they cost. Whenever you change something in the product its price will automatically change.

The items always show their standard variation. If a features is changed the price will change too.

You can include a link to the colour you want or inform more than one colour in order of preference in case it's a colour difficult to find.

★ STEP FOUR! - The shopping bag

Select the variations and inform the size and colour(s) that you want to purchase and add it to your bag.

You can check your shopping cart whenever you want by clicking on the shopping bag icon on the sidebar.

In the shopping bag window you will be able to check the products you selected and change its options in case you changed your mind about it.

You can also check how much your shipping fee will cost by informing your country and zip code.

If you want your parcel to be sent with insurance select the insured option of the shipping method of your choice.
The full price of the items will be declared to customs if The parcel is sent insured.

If everything is correct click on checkout or close this window to continue shopping.
 - You can checkout using your account in the store system or using PayPal's express checkout

★ STEP FIVE! - Shipping details

If you choose to pay using PayPal Express checkout you will skip this step.

If you decided to checkout using your store account you'll see a page asking for your shipping details.

If you've already created an account you can simply sign in and use your address book to select the shipping address, otherwise just fulfil this area. Don't forget to add your phone number, it is now required by the carrier!

The information provided in this form is sent over SSL-encrypted connection to secure your information.

★ STEP SIX! - Payment details
This step will be skipped if you chose to pay via PayPal Express checkout.

International customers can pay the order using PayPal so please inform your PayPal e-mail address in the e-mail field.

You can choose to create an account on MeLikesTea to make your future experiences easier and better or continue the purchase without doing so.

If the payment address is the same as the shipping address leave it as it is, if not, change it for the correct one.

Now you're closer than ever to making your purchase!

Click "Continue" and you will be redirected to PayPal's payment page. Review the data in that page and use your credit card or PayPal balance to pay for your order.

★ STEP SEVEN! - Order confirmation

Woohoo! We're almost there!

You have already paid for your order and everything is alright, you will be redirected to MeLikesTea and will receive and e-mail confirming your purchase.
Whenever the status of your order is changed you will be informed by email.

Once all of the products in your order are finished you will receive a shipping confirmation informing the tracking code.


  • The manufacturing time of your order is the sum of the production time of all items ordered, not exceeding 50 business days. This means that even if the sum of the production time of the items ordered is greater than 50 business days your items will be made within 50 business days.
  • If you want to order an item but it's not one of the models already listed in this site, you can send me an email asking if it is possible to make the item and the ordering procedures will be informed via email.
  • Check the informative pages, they contain important information.
  • And last but not least, don't forget I love you!
Tai Fontana

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