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1 - What changed? 3 - The right Shape 5 - The Poofiness
2 - Choosing the Material 4 - The perfect Length 6 - Extra Features

1 - What changed?

Before the addition of a shopping cart MeLikesTea had 3 times more models than it currently has. Some of the models were very similar, sometimes only changing the length, other times only changing the number of layers, and it made things much more difficult for the customer to decide which model was the best for her/his needs.

Now the number of models was reduced and some models of petticoats were combined in a unique model and you can decide how long the petticoat will be and how many layers you want it to have directly from the shopping button.
The shopping button of each petticoat shows its standard variations and you can change it to create the perfect petticoat for you.

2 - Choosing the Material

Currently MeLikesTea has 3 different materials listed for petticoats: Hard tulle, Organza and Voile.
This doesn't mean you cannot order a petticoat in a different material, you can! If you want your petticoat to be made in a different material please send an e-mail to asking about it.
You can also make a petticoat mixing different materials, e.g. bottom layers made of hard tulle and top layers made in voile.

Hard tulle
As the name says it is like tulle but hard, very hard! Which is great if you want to wear it under heavy skirts and dresses. Its poof relies on the fact that the material is hard and therefore it needs less fabric to give a nice poof to your skirts.
Petticoats made in this material tend to be light, but also a bit uncomfortable even though the petticoats are lined. It softens with time and therefore loses its poofiness faster than the other materials. You can always try to "re-stiffen", though.
It is very pretty and glittery and all! If you want to feel like a princess then organza is the material. It is much softer than hard tulle but its poofiness still relies a bit on the fact that it's a little stiff. It is a very delicate material so if you're the kind of person that likes to party hard while wearing a petticoat maybe you should take a look at another material.
It is similar to chiffon so it relies on the amount of fabric to give the poof rather on the stiffness of the fabric, since it has none. Because it has to have a lot of fabric to give a nice poof it tends to be heavier than organza or hard tulle, it is very comfortable, though! and its poof never dies.


This table ranks the materials being 1 the "best" and 3 the "worst" in each category but keep in mind that all of them are good. :D

Initial poof
1) Hard tulle
2) Organza
3) Voile
1) Hard tulle
2) Organza
3) Voile
Comfort / Softness
1) Voile
2) Organza
3) Hard tulle
Poof after some usage
1) Voile
2) Organza
3) Hard tulle

If you have more questions about each material currently available please send an e-mail to

3 - The right Shape

Now that you decided which material is the best for you, it's time to choose which shape is the best for your needs.
Basically there are two shapes you can choose between: Bell-shaped or A-line.
There is no real mystery as to which shape produces which format, Bell-shaped petticoats will make your skirt look like a bell (aka cupcake) whereas A-line will make your skirts look more like an A.

Can you guess which shape of petticoat was used under this skirt to make it the shape it has in each picture?
50cm, 3 layers45cm, 4 layers45cm, 5 layers. Skirt 65cm long50cm, 3 layers. Skirt 65cm long

If you said A-line, Cupcake, Cupcake, A-line you got it right. So now all you need to do is decide which shape is the best for your wardrobe and take a look at how the petticoats look like to choose the models that better suit you.
Currently these are MeLikesTea's models in each shape:

PT01, PT03, PT0504
PT02, PT04, PT05

4 - The Perfect Length

Ok, so you know which material you want and which shape, right? Great! Now it's time so check the perfect length!
Lolitas don't usually like their petticoats showing under their skirts but hey, you might not be a lolita or you might be a rebel lolita fighting against the rules and wanting to dress up as you wish, besides, MeLikesTea petticoats are so pretty that you could even wear them just for themselves, no skirt at all, so do what you want 'cause a pirate is free and you are a pirate!

Check how long your skirts and the skirts of your dresses are, that's the only way to know how long your petticoat needs to be.
If you DO NOT want your petticoat to show under your skirt then choose a length that is at least 5cm shorter than your skits. If your skirts have built-in petticoat than even a petticoat 10cm shorter would be alright for most skirts and dresses.

If you choose a petticoat that is too short for your skirt it will look something like the picture on the left, while if you choose a petticoat that is the same length as your petticoat it will look something like the picture on the right:

40cm, 3 camadas. Saia 55cm.

5 - Choosing the Amount of Poof

Now there only another really important thing to choose before you know how you want your petticoat to look like: the number of layers.
If you want a petticoat with a more casual look to wear daily or you just don't like super poof skirts try going for petticoat made with 3 layers, if you want a petticoat that gives a good poof and that is able to shape heavier skirts go for 5 layers and if you think poof is never too much then go for petticoats with more layers.
Currently MeLikesTea offers the possibility to make your petticoat with 2 to 8 layers but if you think 8 layers is not enough for you just send me an e-mail informing which model you'd like to purchase and how many layers you'd like it to have.
Keep in mind that each material has a different poof, hard tulle and organza give more volume than a voile petticoat and therefore voile petticoats usually need more layers to give the same amount of poof of petticoats made in organza or hard tulle.

6 - Extra Features

MeLikesTea offers you the possibility to add extra features to your petticoat such as adding minibows to the top layer (availale for all materials) and adding voile frills to the hem of each layer (restricted to organza and voile petties).

If you want to add voile frills to the hem of the layers of your petticoat all you need to do is select the number of layers to which you want the frills to be added.

The voile frills are always added to the hem of each layer starting from the top layer to the bottom one. Let's say you purchased a 5-layer pettie and asked for voile frills in 3, the hem of the top 3 layers will have frills whereas the bottom 2 won't.

If there is something else that you'd like to add to your petticoat just send me an email and we can make that happen!

If you're still in doubt about how to choose the best petticoat for you send an e-mail to!

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