MeLikesTea is a Brazilian shop established in 2012 by Tai Fontana. It is specialised on the manufacturing of petticoats and nowadays MeLikesTea produces them not only for the lolita community but also to pinups and historical costume enthusiasts as well as brides.

There is love and care in every e-mail shared, in every stitch, in every minute of work.


As a famous Brazilian song says:
“Everything was only silliness but it started growing and growing and absorbing me and suddenly I saw myself like this, completely yours. I saw my strength tied to your steps, I saw that without you there is no way and I cannot find myself, I saw a big love scream inside of me, as I once dreamed of. When my world was more world and everybody could see a strange change, more innocence, more affection, more patience, more joy in my way to give myself.”
Sonhos – Caetano Veloso
This is how I feel about MeLikesTea, at first I didn’t expect much from it, I was just a silly girl accepting commissions from friends even though I had only started to learn how to sew, but MLT started to grow and grow till I left every other career possibility to dedicate myself fully and completely to it. Working for MLT all this years has taught me to be more patient, to cherish the little victories of each day, to give more of myself to others, to be more affectionate, and it brought me more joy than I could have ever imagined back in 2012 when everything began.Nowadays, although MLT keeps growing, we still maintain the loving spirit of when it all started, we still work like we’re making clothes for our beloved friends.
Tai Fontana

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