Removal of hard tulle petticoats from the catalogue

01 June 2018

Changes are important and MeLikesTea is constantly going through some.

When this shop began its activities the only material used to make petticoats was hard tulle, voile and organza were only introduced a few years later, nowadays our customers' and friends' most loved material is voile, hard tulle was slowly put aside.

As you may know hard tulle isn't the most comfortable material out there and MLT really values comfort so hard tulle petticoats don't really express our concernes on that matter, besides, it is a material that tends to lose poof quite fast if the petticoat is not stored properly and a lasting quality is something we always look forward to offering you, so again it doesn't quite fit into our goals as a brand. Hard tulle petticoats also happen to be more expensive to produce and ship and although we want to offer great quality and comfort we also want to offer fair prices.

Even though we love hard tulle and it will still be available for purchase upon request via e-mail, it will not longer be available directly on our website after the 30th June.

During the next few months MLT will also remove other items from its online catalogue as part of our renewal plan. We hope you will like what we are preparing and will stand by us during the process and afterwards.

Sincerely yours,

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