Manufacturing Delay

01 November 2017
UPDATE: The manufacturing time has been normalised. New orders are no longer facing manufacturing delays. The production time of all items has been changed to accommodate better the new demand.
Thank you for your understanding.
Tai Fontana

10 September 2017

Hey there!
As most of you might know, MLT is run entirely by me (Tai Fontana), from sewing to replying your messages and everything else, therefore sometimes it is really hard for me to cope with all commissions received.

All orders are currently facing a delay of about 2 weeks due to the amount of orders received during the months of August and September and also due to the fact that I'm getting married and moving out to my new home. ^^

I apologise immensely for the delay and problems I may be causing and also for not being able to reply the emails and messages as fast as I should.

Hopefully by the end of September everything will already be sorted out and the manufacturing time will be back to its normal.

Thank you very much for your patience.
Tai Fontana

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