Remote vendor at Dream Masquerade Carnival - London

15 June 2017

The Tea Party Club is celebrating 10 years organising amazing events for the lolita community in Europe and it is with great pleasure that I announce MeLikesTea's presence at the Dream Masquerade Carnival as a Remote Vendor!
You will be able to purchase products beforehand and collect then at the event at a lower cost than buying it by yourself and paying a full shipping fee!

If after reading the explanations you still have questions send them to and it will be a pleasure to answer them and to update this page as well!


1- How do I order?

You can place and order until the 5th or July and the purchasing process is the same as if you were purchasing on your own on MLT's website:
  1. Add the products you want to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout;
  2. Select "Pick up at Dream Masquerade Carnival - London" as your shipping method;
  3. Checkout and pay for your purchase;
  4. Wait for the event.

2- How do I pick up my items at the event?

Picking up your order at the event is easy and simple:

  1. Print the confirmation email of your order and take it with you to the event;
  2. Show the confirmation email to the staff and collect your order;
  3. Check if everything is correct;
  4. Sign the pick up list confirming you received your items.
Make sure to have a ID with you when going to MLT's stall at the event, you might need it to be able to pickup your item!

3- How much will shipping fee cost?

Shipping fee will cost much lower than the actual shipping fee you would pay if you purchased the items on your own and received them at your address, specially for smaller items.
To know the shipping fee add the products to your shopping cart and check the rates selecting "Pick up at Dream Masquerade Carnival - London"

4- Will there be other taxes?

Yes, you will be charged a refundable "duty fee" of 10%.
This fee is only a "security fee" to be used in case the parcel sent to the event is taxed by UK customs, this way I will be able to pay the duties for the parcel and you will be able to collect your item at the event without delays.
The fee is already included in the shipping fee, to know the shipping fee + duty fee add the products to your shopping cart and check the rates selecting "Pick up at Dream Masquerade Carnival - London"

THIS FEE IS REFUNDABLE! If the parcel is not taxed by customs or the price taxed is lower than expected you will be refunded the difference or the total fee.

5- Can I place a combined order from Cotton Candy Feet + MeLikesTea to pick up at the event?

No. This time this is not going to be possible because the logistic would be too complicated and sending products from one store to another and then sending everything to the event would actually cost more for you than purchasing from each store separately.
Both stores are going to have stalls at the event and have different pick up policies so if you want to purchase from CCF and MLT and pick your items up at the event, please buy from each store individually and collect your purchase at each store's stall at the event.

6- Will I be able to purchase MLT products at the event too?

No. This time you won't be able to purchase items at the event.

If you still have questions send them to
Tai Fontana

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