MeLikesTea's New Layout

01 December 2016

As you might have noticed, MeLikesTea's website has gone through changes. The sidebar went from right to left, there is a slider on the front page and the most important than any of these changes is beyond doubts the addition of a shopping cart to the website!

Now that has a shopping cart system ordering is much easier and simple.
Before you had to enter a waiting list, wait for your turn to order, fill in an order form and everything else would be done via email which used to take ages and be a big mess! (Thank you for your patience all this time!) Now all you need to do is select the variations of your item and add it to you cart, select shopping address and payment method and voilà, you've place your commission!
Whenever the status of your order is changed you receive an email informing so and once your items are finished and sent you receive the tracking code via email as well. Isn't that great?!

Now you can also create an account at and follow your purchase history!

Check the shopping guide to know how to order:

Another nice thing is that MeLikesTea has a mobile website to make it easier for you to purchase from your mobile device. The mobile version is still lacking some informative pages as well as the descriptions of each item but soon everything will be fixed.

I hope you will enjoy your experience in this renewed page!
If your have any ideas of how to make this website even better send me a message and let me know your opinion!

As always, thank you very much for your patience!
Tai Fontana

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