Important Information

1 - Products3 - Manufacturing5 - Shipping
2 - Purchases4 - Payment6 - Cancellation

1 - Products:

  • All items are made to order and are subject to minor changes without previous warnings;
  • The stock pictures are taken after the manufacturing of the products, thus there can be differences in the appearance of the product after shipment due to how they are wrapped (specially for petticoats);
  • If there is any problem in the product received, the customer must contact me as soon as possible so that appropriate measures may be taken.

2 - Purchases:

There is no fabric, colour or print restriction, however, it may be difficult to find the colour or print of your choice, therefore remember to provide at least 2 colours in order of preference (use links of images, if necessary, to specify the colour or style). If your first option isn't available in stores it will be made in the second option.

  • Keep in mind that the prices may change if the material in which the products are made is changed;
  • If you intend to order an item in a material different from the one already listed or a completely new product send me an email inquiring the final price of your custom item (;

3 - Manufacturing time:

Each item has its own manufacturing time and this information is found in each product page.

  • If you order just one item the manufacturing period will be of 10 business days regardless of the production time stated on the product page.

The manufacturing time of your order will be the sum of the manufacturing period of all items ordered.

  • Even if the sum of the manufacturing time of all items in your order exceeds 30 business days the final manufacturing time of your order will never be greater than 30 business days.

4 - Payment:

  • International payment can only be made via PayPal;
  • If your order value is over R$300 you will be able to choose to pay in 2x directly on PayPal with no extra charges;

5 - Shipping:

  • Products will be sent by mail according to the method chosen by the customer (Airmal or EMS);
  • The shipping fee will depend on the shipping method chosen by the customer;
  • The speed of delivery depends upon the shipping method chosen by the customer and the compliance of it is responsibility of the Brazilian and your country's post services;
  • Damage caused during delivery and loss of parcels is of responsibility of the post offices;
  • It is the duty of the customer to follow tracking updates and contact me as soon as possible when there is any problem;
  • In case of problems occurred during delivery I will do everything possible to ensure that it is solved.
  • To know more about shipping and delivery Click here.

6 - Cancellation

  • All sales are final. Once you place an order it is considered a sale and not paying for it may occur a ban from buying from MeLikesTea in the future.
  • If for any reason you need to cancel your order, please, send an email to as fast as you can.
  • If you cancel your order there will be a 50% non-refundable administrative fee.


If your doubt was not clarified, send an e-mail to;
Send messages only in Portuguese, Spanish, English, French or Italian.

The information in this page may be altered without previous warnings.
Last update: 03 December 2016

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