MeLikesTea is a Brazilian shop established in 2012 by Tai Fontana. It is specialised on the manufacturing of petticoats and nowadays MeLikesTea produces them not only for the lolita community but also to pinups and historical costume enthusiasts as well as brides.

There is love and care in every e-mail shared, in every stitch, in every minute of work.


Tai Fontana

A silly girl who thinks speaking about herself in the third person makes her look more professional.

In 2006, she stumbled across a Japanese Street Fashion which changed her life forever: Lolita Fashion.
Since buying clothes proper for the fashion was something difficult and rather expensive for a 14 year-old, she decided to learn how to sew which led to the opening of MeLikesTea years later.

Her goal is to be come the best seamstress she can be.

Tai graduated in Italian Language and Literature in 2016 and currently works as a private teacher while also working to keep MeLikesTea running and growing.

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